‘Super Bad’; Northbridge High rocked in Super Bowl…Once Again



 It’s that time of year again, Super Saturday. This year, Massachusetts State Championship Super Saturday fell on December 6th, and twelve high-powered high school football teams from across the state gathered at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, home of the New England Patriots, to decide the fate of six state championships; one for each of the six divisions here in Massachusetts.

For the third season running-and eighteenth in their rich history- the Northbridge Rams were one of the twelve teams on hand vying for a title, and for the third straight year, they failed…and once again, it was pretty miserable sight to behold.



“It was a little embarrassing, you know?” explained the straightforward and legendary Northbridge High head coach, Ken LaChapelle, who just-so happens to be the winningest high school football coach in Massachusetts history (331-107-6), following the gut-wrenching and heart-breaking defeat. “We got outclassed; we were outplayed and ‘out-toughed.’ And I really don’t know what else to say.”

The Northbridge High School Rams Head Coach Ken LaChapelle.on a much happier day than this one happened to be.

It’s funny Coach, because apart from maybe commenting on your inventing a new word to describe the putrid performance, we don’t really know what to say either. It seems as though one of the most storied schools in state just can’t win the big game anymore.

Now just 10-8 in championship contests, the Rams have looked, well, embarrassing on the big stage in recent years. Losing these last three years by a combined score of 85-6 says one of two things: Northbridge just hasn’t been that good, or, Eastern Mass. teams are just a whole lot better than Central Mass. teams. Set aside their Super Bowl defeats, and you’ll see that the Rams have amassed a combined 32-6 record over the last three seasons, so it’d be awfully difficult to say that this team just isn’t all that good.


QB Kobe Schofer shows his disappointment during a 36-6 loss to Abington on Saturday, Dec. 6th.


Junior quarterback Koby Schofer, who was NOT himself under the relentless pressure of the Abington defensive front (9-27, 80 yards, 1 TD, 2 INT’s) is surely sick of losing ‘the big one.’ Such sentiment can be clearly seen in the above photograph, which was taken at the conclusion of the 2014 Super Bowl State Championship game, a 36-6 loss to Abington High on December 6th.

In each of the last three years, Northbridge has been totally embarrassed in the big game, sadly after putting together terrific regular seasons and spirited postseason runs. So the question is: why and what happened? Losses of 21-0 to Grafton High in 2012, 28-0 to Bishop Fenwick in 2013, and 36-6 this year to Abington just cannot be explained away by mere ‘bad days.’

(Follow the maroon, blue and lime green links for game-specific stories covering the Rams repeated ‘Super’ defeats.)


Nevertheless, the state’s winningest high school football coach with 327 wins, all at Northbridge High, cannot tell us why his team can’t get over the hump, despite having a squad brimming with talent and tradition.

“We’ll reflect on the season in a few weeks, but right now, we’re very disappointed. You go in 12-0 and if nothing else, you’d like to have had a little better showing than we did.”

The entire experience could be summed up during a during a nightmare, four-minute sequence at the start of the third quarter. The poorly timed combination of bad Northbridge luck, and easy Abington points that took place, quickly ended any and all championship hopes for the previously undefeated Rams.

“That was just a bleeding, poor animal, out in the woods, getting eaten up by wolves; that’s what that ended up being,” said an animated LaChapelle.

The  heart-breaking stretch saw the Green Wave lead balloon from 15 to 36, ending the Rams championship hopes.


A little Rams fan cries during an embarrassing Super Bowl loss to Abington.


The bottom line is simple; it’s heartbreaking and inexplicable. Northbridge will only graduate six players from this year’s team, so in all likelihood, they will be the odds-on favorite to represent Central Mass in the 2015 Super Bowl State Championship game.

Should they get back for a fourth straight year, they will not only face becoming the Buffalo Bills of high school football (Buffalo went to, and lost, four straight NFL Super Bowls in the early 1990’s), but they will also have the chance to be first team in the state to reach the championship game four years in a row.

One has to wonder if the Rams will ever even want to go back to Gillette.

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6 thoughts on “‘Super Bad’; Northbridge High rocked in Super Bowl…Once Again

  1. Hey Jon,

    I’m not much of a sports fan, but I have to say that this blog post is very well written. I think you’ve done a great job capturing the audience’s attention from the beginning. I like all the little memes and photos you’ve included. It makes the post more engaging and fun. I see you’ve come quite a ways since your first post (although your first post was great!). Your title is really good, too.

    If I’m being really picky (which I am), the only “bad” thing I see in this post is that it has no call-to-action. You might be able to draw more engagement by inviting people to leave a comment at the end of your post or something along those lines.

    Otherwise, seriously great job and no complaints. 🙂


    • Thanks Alicia.
      Your idea about asking readers to leave comments is a great one, and I will absolutely be adding that in. Thanks for all the things you’ve written over the last 7 weeks, it’s been a pleasure.



  2. Jonathan,

    As the only other male in this course, I applaud you for using the theme of football! I have to say that reading this story gave me a “Sportscenter” type of vibe thanks to the colorful commentary. Your personality and banter drives this blog to excel at a high level, and I loved the choice of pictures (i.e. the Buffalo reference!).

    Your formatting is flawless here, and the content jumps off the page thanks to the organization and flow of information. This blog exemplifies the modern age of truly informative writing infused with color commentary. Dare I say, sportscasting may be in your future, Jon!

    I can’t say that this blog lacked anything. However, to take it to another level, this would work great as a story accompanied with audio of you saying these things. Like I said, it gave me that Sportscenter anchor sort of feel, and I think it would be awesome to hear, or maybe even see and hear you deliver this story. Just something to think about. You did a really good job here, though, and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

    Good luck to you,

    -Eric M.


    • Eric,
      Thanks for all the great comments and ideas. I do think that as a podcast, my blog may be able to take that “next step,” and honestly, that is not something I had considered until now. Thanks for the idea, and the well wishes. Happy Holidays, and best of luck to you as well!

      – Jon


  3. Hi Jonathan,
    Great post! I don’t typically enjoy reading articles or blogs about sports, but yours was very engaging and held my attention the entire time.The graphics and video you interspersed throughout your post worked brilliantly with your theme and definitely contributed to a positive reading experience.
    I like that you use captions for different sections of your post; they were fun and witty and helped it flow smoothly. The links and resources you mention/provide are awesome and I’m sure readers will appreciate them.
    The only critique I have is that there are a couple grammatical errors you may want to proofread for real quick. I didn’t notice anything else though. Overall, I think you did an incredible job with your blog and hope you continue it after the course is finished. 🙂


    • Aimee,

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments and suggestions. Glad I could keep your attention through the entire piece, that’s saying something at least. I’ll be sure to do a better proofread/spell-check next time around. Thank you for everything and best of luck to you in all of your future endeavors!

      – Jon


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